2022 Cybersecurity Predictions from Lookout: Work From Anywhere Ends On-Premises Security

Lookout, an endpoint-to-cloud cyber security company, have put together their cyber security predictions for 2022.

— Cloud connectivity and cloud-to-cloud connectivity will amplify supply-chain breaches

One area organizations need to continue to monitor in 2022 is the software supply chain. We tend to think of cloud apps as disparate islands used as destinations by endpoints and end-users to collect and process data. The reality is that these apps constantly communicate with different entities and systems like software-update infrastructure and with each other — interactions that are often not monitored.

In late 2020, the cybersecurity community uncovered one of the worst breaches in recent memory when the SolarWinds software-publishing infrastructure was infiltrated. More than 100 organizations, including nine U.S. federal agencies, were compromised by trojanized updates that opened backdoors to their infrastructure. This is a prime example of how a weak supply chain can be used to amplify the attack by taking advantage of cloud interconnectivity. Now that this attack vector was proven to be successful, expect copycats to follow suit in 2022.

In addition to SolarWinds-type attacks, Lookout predicts threat actors to look into exploiting another seldomly-monitored area: cloud-to-cloud interaction. For example, it is very common for organizations to use HR software to capture an employee’s personal and financial information, which is then shared to a payroll system. Once apps are connected to each other, seldom do enterprises monitor these automated workflows for changes in behavior. An attacker could exploit this implicit trust between systems to siphon off sensitive data without anyone noticing.

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