Anonymous leaks 10GB of Nestle Data

The hacktivist collective has released the data as retaliation for Nestle refusing to pull out of Russia

The hacktivist and activist group known as Anonymous has released Nestle’s database.

The move comes days after Ukrainian President Zelensky called out the world’s largest food company for its continued relationship with Russia.

Anonymous announced the breach in a tweet on Tuesday:

“Hacker group Anonymous has released 10 GB of data from Swiss company Nestlé. This is the collective’s retaliation for continuing the company’s business in Russia.”

The group then posted an additional tweet with a link to the leaked information.

Nestle has defended its decision to remain in Russia, noting that it has made changes since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

“We have significantly scaled back out activities in Russia: we have stopped all imports and exports from Russia, except for essential products,” Read more:

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