APT36 state hackers infect Android devices using YouTube app clones

At least three Android apps that resemble YouTube are used by the APT36 hacking gang, also known as “Transparent Tribe,” to infect devices with their infamous remote access trojan (RAT), “CapraRAT.”

Once the malware has been put on a victim’s device, it can basically function as a spyware tool by collecting data, recording audio and video, or accessing sensitive communication data.

APT36 is a threat actor with ties to Pakistan that is well-known for attacking Pakistani human rights advocates as well as Indian defense and government organizations, as well as organizations involved in the affairs of the Kashmir region.

SentinelLabs, which cautions individuals and groups connected to the military or diplomacy in India and Pakistan to be extremely aware of YouTube Android apps read more APT36 state hackers infect Android devices using YouTube app clones.

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