Battling Cybersecurity Risk: How to Start Somewhere, Right Now

Between a series of recent high-profile cybersecurity incidents and the heightened geopolitical tensions, there’s rarely been a more dangerous cybersecurity environment. It’s a danger that affects every organization – automated attack campaigns don’t discriminate between targets.

The situation is driven in large part due to a relentless rise in vulnerabilities, with tens of thousands of brand-new vulnerabilities discovered every year. For tech teams that are probably already under-resourced, guarding against this rising tide of threats is an impossible task.

Yet, in the battle against cybercrime, some of the most effective and most sensible mitigations are sometimes neglected. In this article, we’ll outline why cybersecurity risks have escalated so dramatically – and which easily wins your organization can make for a significant difference in your cybersecurity posture, right now.

Recent major cyberattacks point to the danger

Cyber security has arguably never been more important. With the rise in vulnerability numbers that continues unabated for years now, alongside the geopolitical tensions, no company can claim it has cybersecurity that is impervious to penetration. In recent weeks, we’ve seen non-stop reports of security breaches at Microsoft, Nvidia, Vodafone, and many others.

This March, a group of teenagers belonging to the Lapsus$ group managed to hack Microsoft and steal the source code for key products including its Cortana voice assistant, and an internal Azure developer server. Read more:

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