BEC Groups Target Firms With Multilingual Impersonation Attacks

Executive impersonation has been used by two business email compromise (BEC) organizations to attack businesses across the globe.

Security experts at Abnormal Security have named the threat actors “Midnight Hedgehog,” who specialized in payment fraud, and “Mandarin Capybara,” who is committed to carrying out payroll diversion assaults, in accordance with their findings.

According to Crane Hassold, the director of threat intelligence at Abnormal, “they have launched BEC campaigns in at least 13 other languages, including Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.”

Threat actors from Midnight Hedgehog specifically investigated the roles and connections read the complete article BEC Groups Target Firms With Multilingual Impersonation Attacks. has the most recent cybersecurity news and trends, so be informed and one step ahead of the competition.

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