Branding and Reputation Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Keep in Mind

Having a strong brand is an invaluable asset. Customers trust brands, stay loyal to them through hardships (like the recent Covid lockdowns), and bring in more customers through word of mouth.

You probably knew all of that already but it is time that you started taking that seriously. The world is going crazy on many levels and the only way to keep your business afloat is to have a solid brand. There are many studies and surveys supporting that:

According to Fundera, over 40% of customers don’t mind spending more money at brands they’re loyal toAt the same time, almost 60% of people remain loyal to businesses that understand them, and almost 90% of consumers are loyal to brands that share their values.

No wonder, 70% of marketers admit that consistent and high-quality branding is the most important element of interacting with customers.

So what is changing in reputation management and branding? Here are a few most exciting trends to keep in mind:

Choosing a Brand Name is Crucial but Challenging

Having a memorable brand name that instills positive topical associations is the fundamental step to creating a solid name.

Yet, finding an available domain name as well as available social media profile names is getting more and more challenging. According to Domain Tools, there are more than 158 million .com domains already registered. Finding an available one is getting impossible: Read more:

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