Brazilian Feds Dismantle Grandoreiro Banking Trojan, Arresting Top Operatives

Several Brazilian operators responsible for the Grandoreiro malware have been apprehended as a result of a law enforcement investigation conducted in Brazil.

In the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Pará, Goiás, and Mato Grosso, the Federal Police of Brazil reported that it had executed 13 search and seizure warrants in addition to five temporary arrest warrants.

The Slovak cybersecurity company ESET, which contributed more support to the endeavor, claimed to have found a network protocol design vulnerability in Grandoreiro that enabled it to recognize the victimology patterns.

Grandoreiro is one of several banking trojans from Latin America that mostly target nations like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina read more Brazilian Feds Dismantle Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Arresting Top Operatives.

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