Broken wire Hack Could Let Remote Attackers Disrupt Charging for Electric Vehicles

A group of academics from the University of Oxford and Armasuisse S+T has disclosed details of a new attack technique against the popular Combined Charging System (CCS) that could potentially disrupt the ability to charge electric vehicles at scale.

Dubbed “Brokenwire,” the method interferes with the control communications that transpire between the vehicle and charger to wirelessly abort the charging sessions from a distance of as far as 47m (151ft).

“While it may only be an inconvenience for individuals, interrupting the charging process of critical vehicles, such as electric ambulances, can have life-threatening consequences,” the researchers explained.

“Brokenwire has immediate implications for many of the 12 million battery EVs estimated to be on the roads worldwide — and profound effects on the new wave of electrification for vehicle fleets, both for private enterprise and for crucial public services.” Read more:

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