Cloudflare Flags Largest HTTPS DDoS Attacks It’s Ever Recorded

This scale of this month’s encrypted DDoS attack over HTTPS suggests a well-resourced operation, analysts say.

A DDoS-over-HTTPS attack targeting an unnamed crypto launchpad company clocked in at a whopping 15.3 million requests-per-second (rps) earlier this month — turning heads at Cloudflare.

It lasted just 15 seconds, but the HTTPS DDoS attack was the largest of its kind the company has ever observed, two analysts from Cloudflare explained in a new blog post.

Cloudflare’s researchers noted that HTTPS DDoS attacks require the use of a transport layer security (TLS) encrypted connection, which isn’t cheap. That suggests a well-funded operation.

“We’ve seen very large attacks in the past over (unencrypted) HTTP, but this attack stands out because of the resources it required at its scale,” according to the post.

Crypto launchpads are platforms where new cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects can launch and attract early investors. Read more:

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