Computer maker Zotac exposed customers’ RMA info on Google Search

Sensitive customer information was made public for an undisclosed amount of time by computer hardware manufacturer Zotac when return merchandise authorization (RMA) requests and related documentation were posted online.

Search engines have been able to access RMA data because Zotac, which is well-known for its line of small and compact PCs, motherboards, high-performance graphics cards, and computer accessories, misconfigured the web files that store the data.

This usually happens when there are insufficient permissions that limit access to authorized users—Zotac employees—and when there isn’t a ‘robots.txt’ file or tags that tell crawlers to ignore the sensitive directories.

Consequently, personal information including invoices, addresses, request details, and contact details were made public through Google Search queries read more about Computer maker Zotac exposed customers’ RMA info on Google Search.

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