COVID Does Not Spread to Computers

“…well, of course!” is what you might think. It’s a biological threat, so how could it affect digital assets?

But hang on. Among other effects, this pandemic has brought about a massive shift in several technological areas. Not only did it force numerous organizations – that up to now were reluctant – to gear up in cyber to go digital, all at once, oftentimes with hastily pieced together strategies.

It also made remote working (and the involved tools) grow in double-digits, causing the good old perimeter (which was already in a questionable state due to cloud adaption) to be basically shattered. The office is now anywhere. And that means access to data needs to be everywhere too.

Keeping all of this in mind, the general assumption was that in the wake of the pandemic we would face a virtual nightmare with vulnerable users, compromised corporate networks en masse and the end of the (digital) world. But let’s look at some interesting numbers of what actually happened.

Are hackers locked down too?

Let’s take a look at the number of droppers we observed in our MDR data and correlate it with other data we have regarding the intensity of COVID lockdown restrictions over time, Droppers are a good overall indicator of malicious activity, as they often indicate an early stage of an attack (which of course we try to prevent in getting any further). Read more:

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