DuckDuckGo browser gets end-to-end encrypted sync feature

A new feature of the DuckDuckGo browser allows users to safely and secretly synchronize their passwords, bookmarks, and Email Protection settings across various devices. It is an end-to-end encrypted Sync & Backup tool.

Because the new Sync & Backup function is end-to-end encrypted, users can use it without creating an account or logging in with their current account. This guarantees that DuckDuckGo never sees the data being sent.

Syncing is limited to devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android since the new feature is only compatible with these versions of the DuckDuckGo browser. The privacy-focused DuckDuckGo web browser guards against user profiling and de-anonymization with a variety of privacy-preserving read more DuckDuckGo browser gets end-to-end encrypted sync feature.

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