Beware: Fake Facebook Job Ads Spreading ‘Ov3r_Stealer’ to Steal Crypto and Credentials

False Facebook job postings are being used by threat actors as an enticement to fool potential victims into downloading a new stealer malware for Windows known as Ov3r_Stealer.

According to a research provided with The Hacker News by Trustwave SpiderLabs, “this malware is designed to steal credentials and crypto wallets and send those to a Telegram channel that the threat actor monitors.”

Ov3r_Stealer can extract information on the compromised host’s hardware, passwords, credit card details, auto-fills, browser extensions, cryptocurrency wallets, Microsoft Office documents, and antivirus software installed read more Fake Facebook Job Ads Spreading ‘Ov3rStealer’ to Steal Crypto and Credentials.

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