FCC Adds Kaspersky and Chinese Telecom Firms to National Security Threat List

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday moved to add Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab to the “Covered List” of companies that pose an “unacceptable risk to the national security” of the country.

The development marks the first time a Russian entity has been added to the list that’s been otherwise dominated by Chinese telecommunications firms. Also added alongside Kaspersky were China Telecom (Americas) Corp and China Mobile International USA.

The blocklist includes information security products, solutions, and services supplied, directly or indirectly, by the company or any of its predecessors, successors, parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.

The FCC said the decision was made pursuant to a Binding Operational Directive (BOD) issued by the Department of Homeland Security on September 11, 2017, that barred federal agencies from using Kaspersky-branded products in their information systems.

The security services provider, in response, said it was disappointed with the FCC’s decision and that it was “being made on political grounds” without any Read more:https://bit.ly/3IMgVzA

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