Freecycle confirms massive data breach impacting 7 million users

Over 7 million users were impacted by a significant data breach, according to Freecycle, a website that promotes trading used products rather than throwing them away.

According to the nonprofit, the breach was detected on Wednesday, weeks after a threat actor posted the stolen data for sale on a hacking site on May 30 and advised anybody affected to change their passwords right away.According to Freecycle, the stolen data only contains usernames, User IDs, email addresses, and passwords that have been MD5 hashed.

Deron Beal, the creator and executive director of Freecycle, had his credentials taken in the incident, according to screenshots given by the threat actor who is selling the stolen data. This gave the threat actor complete access to forum postings and member information read more Freecycle confirms massive data breach impacting 7 million users.

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