GootLoader Hackers Targeting Employees of Law and Accounting Firms

Operators of the GootLoader campaign are setting their sights on employees of accounting and law firms as part of a fresh onslaught of widespread cyber attacks to deploy malware on infected systems, an indication that the adversary is expanding its focus to other high-value targets.

“GootLoader is a stealthy initial access malware, which after getting a foothold into the victim’s computer system, infects the system with ransomware or other lethal malware,” researchers from eSentire said in a report shared with The Hacker News.

The cybersecurity services provider said it intercepted and dismantled intrusions aimed at three law firms and an accounting enterprise. The names of the victims were not disclosed.

Malware can be delivered on targets’ systems via many methods, including poisoned search results, fake updates, and trojanized applications downloaded from sites linking to pirated software. GootLoader resorts to the first technique.

In March 2021, details emerged of a global drive-by download offensive that involved tricking unsuspecting victims into visiting compromised WordPress websites belonging to legitimate businesses via a technique called search engine poisoning that pushes these sites to the top of the search results. Read more:

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