Hacker Successfully Drains $23 Million from AlphaPo Hot Wallet

Over $23 million was stolen from the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tron hot wallets of Alphapo, a platform for processing cryptocurrency payments. It’s unclear how much Bitcoin was taken in this incident.

The attack was disclosed by ZachXBT, a well-known cryptocurrency expert on Twitter, who also said that the stolen monies were exchanged for ETH and crossed to Bitcoin and Avalanche.

After hearing the news, Alphapo’s client HypeDrop disabled the withdrawals and said, “Our provider is now working to rectify some recent challenges from their side. They are notably having issues with deposits for ETH and TRX as well as withdrawals of BTC, ETH, and TRX.

DeDotFi, a well-known DeFi security platform, claimed that the hack may have been brought on by the disclosure of private keys read more Hacker Successfully Drains $23 Million from AlphaPo Hot Wallet.

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