How to Get Started as a Wikipedia Editor


  • Creating a Wikipedia editor account unlocks more opportunities to increase your influence on the online encyclopedia.
  • Benefits of creating a Wikipedia account include establishing an online identity, tracking edits, and communicating with other editors. 
  • You can create an account in a few clicks, but building it requires time and effort. 
  • Wikipedia has a game to learn how to edit!

An established Wikipedia editor holds a lot of power on the platform. Wikipedia editors in good standing enjoy a more significant influence because they can make changes that are way more likely to stick. Since Wikipedia routinely ranks in the top positions in SERPS, creating and maintaining an editor account is a valuable addition to your marketing initiatives. 

We’re going to show you how to establish a Wikipedia editor account, which will open up your ability to edit Wikipedia entries for most companies, brands, and people.

Caveats: The method outlined in this post is long, tedious, and highly manual. The success of this process is tied to the amount of time and effort you dedicate to building your Wikipedia account.

Why create a Wikipedia editor account?

Creating a Wikipedia editor account is the first step to establishing your reputation on the platform. Once you’ve created an account, your contributions will be associated with your username, allowing others to trace your goodwill and bad-faith edits. 

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia account

  • Hide your computer’s IP address from the general public when editing
  • Establish an online identity that will be recognized among other editors
  • A running log of all your contributions made on Wikipedia
  • The ability to track pages of interest via your watchlist 
  • The ability to communicate with other Wikipedia editors 
  • Get automatic notifications when someone pings you or wikilinks your user ID

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