How to Get Verified on Instagram and Twitter

A verified badge on Instagram and Twitter signals that you are an authority in your field. The iconic blue checkmark is a symbol that anyone will recognize – earning you immediate trust in whatever you’re posting. Here is how to get verified on Twitter or Instagram.

As a verified user on Instagram and Twitter, you have the ability to reach more people with your message. When people see that your account is verified, they know it’s the real deal – giving you an edge over your competition.

But how do you get one? In the early days of verification, you would have to wait until someone at Instagram or Twitter noticed your page and deemed you worthy of a verified badge. Now, you can bypass the waiting by filling out a request form. But you’re still at their mercy to receive a verified check. 

This article will cover what exactly a verified badge means for your social account, how to get one, and what to do if you’re not quite famous enough. 


What is social media verification? 

Instagram and Twitter verification can be a powerful tool for businesses and professionals of all kinds, from doctors to CEOs to marketers and public relations professionals. By verifying your account, you can build trust with potential customers Read more:

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