How to Increase followers on Twitter

How to increase followers on Twitter is a very hot topic in 2022. It seems sensible that brands use Twitter to interact with their audience. On Twitter, 53% of users are more inclined to be the first to purchase new goods.

More than just making your company appear more popular, Twitter audience growth has many other benefits for your business. It makes it simpler for prospective clients to believe in your business. Your position within your industry is established. It demonstrates to your clients, potential clients, and even rivals that you are a brand that means business. So how can your company naturally acquire Twitter followers?

1. Pick a Twitter username that is similar to your name.

When trying to follow or tweet at you, folks can quickly find you this way. Don’t force your fans to remember too many unique details about you; instead, make the handle as similar to your Instagram account as you can.

2. Have a good profile picture.

Use the same image so people can recognize you. Make sure everything is clear and simple so that people can trust you (and professional).

Because the image fills the majority of the circular frame and is of excellent quality, most profile photos are successful. Make sure to adhere to Twitter’s most recent requirements for photo size and resolution. This kind of advice is updated frequently by Sprout Social in one central location.

3. Include images in your tweets.

Tweets featuring graphics are likely to receive twice as much engagement as those without, according to a Buffer Social analysis. Additionally, information in a tweet that was accompanied by an image was more likely to be remembered, which means that more people will think and talk about you. You are free to tweet any type of digital media you like, including images, videos, screenshots, GIFs, memes, and links.

4. Text tweets should always be concise

The most common length for tweets, according to the same Buffer social survey, is between 110 and 120 characters.

5. Regularly tweet, but don’t go overboard

Users won’t waste a follow on you if they glance at your timeline and see that you haven’t tweeted in a week, but if you tweet constantly, you’ll merely take up space on their feed. Continue to be interesting and engaging so that people will follow you, but avoid being intrusive, as you might on a first date.

6. Timing is crucial.

The ideal day or time of the week to tweet has also been compiled by Buffer. Their research indicates that people use Twitter up to 14% more frequently on the weekends and that retweets are most frequent around 5:00 pm on weekdays.

For obvious reasons, you probably won’t receive any engagement at 4:00 am on a Tuesday in your time zone. These times may change slightly depending on your particular followers, but they are still excellent suggestions to keep in mind.

7. Interact with Others

Making connections is the main goal of Twitter. Don’t just tweet anything and move on. To increase interaction and relationships, follow other people in your field, Retweet influencers, converse with local thought leaders, and respond to remarks and consumers.

8. Utilize your current clientele

Did you aware that you may use existing customers’ emails to discover them on Twitter? Simply upload your current email contacts, follow your clients on Twitter, and let them know you’re available for conversation.

9. Run a campaign to gain followers

You can quicken your growth by launching a followers campaign in addition to gaining organic followers. You can advertise your account to a specific audience via follower campaigns, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and follows you.

Think about launching brief campaigns to gain traction or an ongoing effort to gain followers continuously. You’ll see a significant payback over time if you experiment and put some work into growing your brand’s Twitter following. After learning how to increase your Twitter following, follow @TwitterBusiness for more advice on how to expand your presence.

10. Share relevant and useful content

People use Twitter to participate in discussions and read content that interests them. Therefore, whether you’re Tweeting about sales, product tutorials, or current events, you must ensure that your content appeals to your audience and gives value if you want to increase your follower count.

Utilize your Twitter Analytics to find out more about the content that resonates most with your audience if you’re unsure of what that content should be. Utilize trending topics by browsing the Explore page and using hashtags and phrases that are relevant to your niche and target market. Check out these suggestions, for instance, on how to use trending subjects in your Twitter approach.

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