Identifying Entity Attribute Relations

This patent, granted March 1, 2022, is about identifying entity-attribute relationships in bodies of text.

Search applications, like search engines and knowledge bases, try to meet a searcher’s informational needs and show the most advantageous resources to the searcher.

Structured Data May Help With Identifying Attribute Relationships Better

 Identifying attributes entity relationships gets done in structured search results. Structured search results present a list of attributes with answers for an entity specified in a user request, such as a query. So, the structured search results for “Kevin Durant” may include attributes such as salary, team, birth year, family, etc., along with answers that provide information about these attributes. Constructing such structured search results can need identifying entity-attribute relations. An entity-attribute relation is a particular case of a text relation between a pair of terms. The first term in the pair of terms is an entity, a person, place, organization, or concept. The second term is an attribute or a string that describes an aspect of the entity. Read more:

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