Iranian Hackers Using New PowerShell Backdoor in Cyber Espionage Attacks

An advanced persistent threat group with links to Iran has updated its malware toolset to include a novel PowerShell-based implant called PowerLess Backdoor, according to new research published by Cybereason.

The Boston-headquartered cybersecurity company attributed the malware to a hacking group known as Charming Kitten (aka Phosphorous, APT35, or TA453), while also calling out the backdoor’s evasive PowerShell execution.

“The PowerShell code runs in the context of a .NET application, thus not launching ‘powershell.exe’ which enables it to evade security products,” Daniel Frank, senior malware researcher at Cybereason, said. “The toolset analyzed includes extremely modular, multi-staged malware that decrypts and deploys additional payloads in several stages for the sake of both stealth and efficacy.”

The threat actor, which is active since at least 2017, has been behind a series of campaigns in recent years, including those wherein the adversary posed as journalists and scholars to deceive targets into installing malware and stealing classified information. Read more:

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