JAVS courtroom recording software backdoored in supply chain attack

Malware has been used to backdoor the installation of Justice AV Solutions (JAVS), a popular courtroom video recording program, allowing attackers to gain control of affected PCs.

The digital recording technology, commonly referred to as JAVS, is presently installed in over 10,000 courtrooms, law offices, penal facilities, and other entities globally, according to the company that created it.

Since then, JAVS has taken down the compromised version from its official website, claiming that the malicious fffmpeg.exe component that was part of the trojanized program “did not come from JAVS or any 3rd party related to JAVS.”

To make sure that, in the unlikely event that they were stolen, the organization reset all passwords and performed a thorough examination of all systems read more JAVS courtroom recording software backdoored in supply chain attack.

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