Majority of data security incidents caused by insiders

Despite shocking rates of insider data security incidents, 70% of EMEA organizations don’t have an insider risk strategy

New research from Imperva has revealed that 70% of EMEA organizations have no insider risk strategy, despite 59% of data security incidents being caused by employees.

The shocking revelation comes as part of a wider study carried out by Forrester: Insider Threats Drive Data Protection Improvements. The study involved interviewing 150 security and IT professionals in EMEA.

An insider threat is defined by Imperva as originating from the “inappropriate use of legitimate authorized user accounts” by either their rightful owner or a threat actor who has managed to compromise them.

The study found that insider threats were responsible for 59% of incidents impacting sensitive data in the past 12 months. This supports a previous Imperva analysis of the most significant breaches of the past five years, revealing that 24% were caused by either Read more:

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