Malicious NuGet Package Targeting .NET Developers with SeroXen RAT

It has been discovered that a malicious package placed on the NuGet package manager for the.NET Framework distributes the SeroXen RAT remote access trojan.

Pathoschild is the name of the bundle.A user named Disti published Stardew.Mod.Build.Config, which is a spoof of a real package entitled Pathoschild.Software supply chain security company Phylum stated in a report today that Stardew.ModBuildConfig.

The malicious variant is alleged to have artificially boosted its download count after being published on October 6, 2023, to surpass 100,000 downloads, although the legitimate file has gotten close to 79,000 downloads to yet read more Malicious NuGet Package Targeting .NET Developers with SeroXen RAT.

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