Mac Users Beware: Malvertising Campaign Spreads Atomic Stealer macOS Malware

An updated version of the Atomic Stealer (or AMOS) macOS stealer malware has been seen being distributed through a fresh malvertising operation, showing that its creator is still actively maintaining it.

Atomic Stealer, a ready-made Golang malware that costs $1,000 a month, first came to light in April 2023. Soon after, other variations that targeted bitcoin users and gamers were discovered in the wild. These variants had an expanded set of information-gathering functions.

Google Ads have been identified as the main distribution channel for malicious advertisements, which are displayed to users who are looking for popular software on search engines, either legally or illegally, and which link to websites that hold malicious installations read more Malvertising Campaign Spreads Atomic Stealer macOS Malware.

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