Malware dev lures child exploiters into honeytrap to extort them

Although you don’t usually sympathize with cybercriminals, you don’t feel sorry for the victims of a recent virus campaign that targets juvenile exploiters.

Threat actors have been producing ransomware and malware since 2012, masquerading as government institutions and alerting affected Windows users to the possibility of accessing CSAM. The software incites victims to pay a “penalty” in order to stop law enforcement from seeing their personal information.

In addition to using this extortion method, one of the earliest “modern” ransomware operations was named Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection, or ACCDFISA. Later versions of the program also encrypted data and locked Windows desktops.

Other malware families, such the Reveton trojans, Urausy, and Harasom, soon followed, posing as law enforcement and fining users for watching CSAM read more Malware dev lures child exploiters into honeytrap to extort them.

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