Mandiant to Use CrowdStrike Technology in Its Incident Response Services

Collaboration between the two firms will help organizations better identify and protect against complex cyber threats, chief executives from both companies said.

Mandiant will use CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology in delivering incident response services and consulting engagements to customers under an agreement announced Thursday between the two major cybersecurity players.

Starting sometime later this year, Mandiant — which recently agreed to be acquired by Google for $5.4 billion — will extend its Mandiant Managed Defense service to CrowdStrike’s Falcon customers as part of the arrangement.

The top executives from both companies described the collaboration as bringing together industry-leading capabilities for helping organizations defend against cyberattacks in an increasingly complex threat environment. In a statement, CrowdStrike co-founder and CEO George Kurtz said the two companies have worked together on customer engagements for several years and had developed a mutual respect for each other’s technical expertise and capabilities.

“This partnership between two mission-focused companies strengthens cyber defenses at a time when cyberattacks have become a notable business issue faced by organizations every day,” added Kevin Mandia, chief executive officer of Mandiant.

Richard Stiennon, the chief research analyst at IT-Harvest, says the collaboration makes complete sense. “George Kurtz and Kevin Mandia have worked together for over two decades,” he says. “While Mandiant became the preeminent incident response firm, CrowdStrike became the leader in endpoint detection and response.”

Together they deliver capabilities that incident response teams want, Stiennon says EDR everywhere to discover what happened, and incident response capabilities to recover from the attack and eradicate any persistent malware left behind. “This deal will benefit CrowdStrike while cementing the solution that Mandiant can bring to bear,” he says. Also, with Mandiant being acquired by Google, CrowdStrike will have a partnership with Google, Stiennon adds.

Different Paths
Both CrowdStrike and Mandiant are publicly traded companies that have taken somewhat different paths to become major players in the cybersecurity industry. Read more:

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