Medusa Ransomware Hackers Claim Attack on Cyprus University

The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) was the target of a cyberattack that disrupted operations. The Medusa ransomware organisation has taken responsibility and is now demanding $100,000 to remove the data or it will be made public online. OUC is an online university with a location in Nicosia, Cyprus. It engages in a variety of scientific research projects and provides remote learning to 4,200 students through 30 higher education programmes.

On March 27, a number of major services and crucial systems were attacked. As a result, access to a number of learning portals and other services was constrained. OUC has 14 days to react to the hackers’ ransom demands after they exposed OUC data on their leak site read more Medusa Ransonware Hackers Claim Attack on Cyprus University.

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