Microsoft Debuts Unified Service for Multicloud ID Management

With nine in 10 companies adopting a multicloud strategy, service providers are focused on finding ways to support the management and security efforts of businesses that rely on multiple cloud resources.

In a nod to shifting attack vectors and organizational moves to multiple cloud services, Microsoft today launched a public preview of its service for managing permissions across not only Azure, but Amazon Web Services and Google’s Cloud Platform.

The service, CloudKnox Permissions Management, will allow companies to manage the privileges and roles of individual users as groups, as well as workloads. The service builds on technology from CloudKnox Security, which focused on allowing administrators and security teams to gain visibility into the actions of humans and machines in the cloud. Microsoft acquired CloudKnox last July.

Permissions management is hard enough with a single cloud, but as more companies adopt a multicloud strategy, it has become even more difficult, says Joy Chik, corporate vice president for identity at Microsoft. Read more:

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