Microsoft disrupts ZLoader Cybercrime Botnet

Microsoft and a global consortium of cybersecurity companies have disrupted the ZLoader botnet, seizing control of 65 domains

A global consortium of cybersecurity companies has collaborated with Microsoft to disrupt the Zloader botnet.

The operation succeeded in seizing control of 65 domains used to control and communicate with infected hosts.

“ZLoader is made up of computing devices in businesses, hospitals, schools, and homes around the world and is run by a global internet-based organized crime gang operating malware as a service that is designed to steal and extort money,” Amy Hogan-Burney, general manager of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), said.

Microsoft has said that the operation was carried out in partnership with ESET, Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, Avast, Financial Services Information Sharing, and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), and Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC).

The seized domains are now redirected to a sinkhole, effectively preventing the botnet’s operators from contacting compromised devices. Read more:

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