Microsoft to Block Excel XLL Add-Ins to Stop Malware Delivery

To stop phishing attacks that use these kinds of lures, Microsoft has announced plans to automatically block all XLL add-in files downloaded from the internet for its Office 365 clients.

The software juggernaut has acknowledged it aims to carry out these strategies by March 2023 in a post on its Microsoft 365 roadmap page.

“We are putting in place safeguards that will block XLL add-ins coming from the internet in order to counteract the rising number of malware attacks in recent months,” the statement reads.

According to Dave Storie, an engineer at Lares Consulting who specializes in adversarial collaboration, threat actors have long leveraged Microsoft add-in abuse as a means of executing malicious code read the complete article Microsoft to Block Excel XLL Add Ins to Stop Malware Delivery.

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