Millions of UK Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to security threats

Wi-Fi routers are left vulnerable because owners don’t know how to update them

Researchers at Broadband Genie have found that millions of Wi-Fi routers in the UK are left vulnerable to threats because their owners don’t take the basic security measures to protect them. Broadband Genie surveyed 1,320 broadband users, with 88% stating that they have never updated their Wi-Fi router’s firmware, while 84% have never even bothered changing the router’s admin password.

When asked why they were not taking these precautions, 73% revealed that they simply didn’t understand why they would need to do so, while 20% admitted that they didn’t know how to.

Editor of Broadband Genie, Matt Powell, said: “In 2018, we ran a similar study that found 52% had never modified their router’s default settings. It’s disappointing to see this number has barely shifted. Most concerning is the very high percentage of UK broadband subscribers who don’t even know why they should be making any of these changes.”

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