New DoubleFinger Loader Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets with Stealer

A cutting-edge attack targeting users in Europe, the United States, and Latin America has been seen to deploy a cryptocurrency stealer known as GreetingGhoul using a revolutionary multi-stage loader called DoubleFinger.

According to a paper published on Monday by Kaspersky researcher Sergey Lozhkin, “DoubleFinger is deployed on the target machine, when the victim opens a malicious PIF attachment in an email message, ultimately executing the first of DoubleFinger’s loader stages.”

A customized version of espexe.exe, or the Microsoft Windows Economical Service Provider application, which is designed to run shellcode in order to retrieve a PNG image file from the image hosting service Imgur, serves as the launchpad for the attacks read more New DoubleFinger Loader Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets with Stealer.

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