New Go-Based JaskaGO Malware Targeting Windows and macOS Systems

The most recent danger to compromise both Windows and Apple macOS systems is a new Go-based information-thieving malware known as JaskaGO.

The malware was discovered by AT&T Alien Labs, which stated that it is “equipped with an extensive array of commands from its command-and-control (C&C) server.”

The first macOS-specific artifacts were discovered in July 2023, masquerading as installations for reputable programs like CapCut. Malware variations have taken on the guise of AnyConnect and security tools.

JaskaGO installs itself, checks to see if it is running in a virtual machine (VM) environment, and if it is, it likely tries to hide its presence by doing an innocent job like pinging Google read more New Go-Based JaskaGO Malware Targeting Windows and macOS Systemsz.

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