New GootLoader Malware Variant Evades Detection and Spreads Rapidly

It has been discovered that GootBot, a new GootLoader malware variant, makes it easier for compromised systems to move laterally and avoid detection.

According to IBM X-Force experts Golo Mühr and Ole Villadsen, “the GootLoader group’s introduction of their own custom bot into the late stages of their attack chain is an attempt to avoid detections when using off-the-shelf tools for C2 such as CobaltStrike or RDP.”

This new version of the virus is lightweight yet powerful, enabling attackers to quickly propagate over the network and drop more payloads.

As its name suggests, GootLoader is a malware that can lure in potential victims by employing search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning techniques read more New GootLoader Malware Variant Evades Detection and Spreads Rapidly.

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