Nikita Shevchuk: “When it comes to online reputation, negotiating is the most effective approach”

A reputation expert explains the importance of online reputation in the digital world and the role of negotiations on the way to a flawless online image.

Nikita Shevchuk believes there is no limit to perfection when it comes to personal and professional achievements. Constant development is what drives his productivity and success both at work and in his personal life. Probably, that’s why he can’t stop surprising our clients with top-notch service and stellar results.

We have discussed with him the role of online image within reputation management, effective methods of removing information from the web, and why it’s worth turning to a professional reputation agency.

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Is online reputation worth investing in today?

Nikita Shevchuk: Definitely, yes! With the rapid adoption of the Internet, the rules have changed. Online image may be one of the most important intangible assets for individuals and businesses alike.

Since the average company is found in 1,000+ searches per month, with 84% of these coming from discovery searches, online image affects how customers perceive a business. The same applies to regular people: their digital footprints can influence career opportunities as employers start to look candidates up before hiring.

To what extent can harmful content affect the well-being and prosperity of an individual or business?

Nikita Shevchuk: The implications of harmful information are unpredictable, but in any case, it undermines profitability. A business may lose customers if it seems unreliable or non-trustworthy. Take Boeing as an example, where the public opinion caused the company’s reputation to drop – and its share prices plummeted as a result. Read more:

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