Pharmaceutical giant Cencora says data was stolen in a cyberattack

Big Pharma company Cencora claims to have been the victim of a hack in which criminals took information from company IT systems.

Cencora, formerly AmerisourceBergen, is a pharmaceutical services company that offers drug delivery and solutions to veterinarians, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies.

In fiscal year 2023, the company brought in $262.2 billion, and it employed about 46,000 people.
Cencora revealed they were the victim of a hack that resulted in data theft in a Form 8-K filing with the SEC.

According to the SEC filing, Cencora, Inc. (the “Company”) discovered on February 21, 2024, that data from its computer systems had been exfiltrated, some of which might contain personal information.
Cencora claims to have contained the situation and is currently conducting an investigation in collaboration with law enforcement read more Pharmaceutical giant Cencora says data was stolen in a cyberattack.

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