FBI: Ransomware gangs hack casinos via 3rd party gaming vendors

The FBI has issued a warning that threat actors using ransomware are aiming their attacks at casino servers and are gaining more access to the network by using reputable system management tools.

The agency states that third-party vendors and services are a common attack vector in a notification to the private industry. To breach casinos, ransomware gangs still depend on outside gaming vendors.

The agency notes that “new trends included ransomware actors using legitimate system management tools to elevate network permissions and companies targeted by exploiting vulnerabilities in vendor-controlled remote access to casino servers.”The FBI began to notice ransomware attacks in 2022 that were aimed at small and tribal casinos with the goal of encrypting servers and the personally identifiable information of staff members and customers read more Ransomware gangs hack casinos via 3rd party gaming vendors.

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