Ransomware group LockBit apologizes for attack on pediatric medical center

Rarely, but the notorious ransomware organization LockBit has apologized in writing for a hack on Canada’s largest pediatric hospital. Even the code to unlock the encrypted system has been made available by the cartel to the hospital.

One of LockBit’s partners is allegedly responsible for an attack on Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, according to the organization, which the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has dubbed one of the most active and dangerous in the online world (SickKids Hospital).

On its data leak website, the international ransomware operator announced that it has stopped the unnamed partner and provided the decryptor to allow the system to be restored. For a cyberattack, this was the first time LockBit has issued a formal apology.

The partner that targeted this hospital broke our rules, was blocked and was no longer a part of our affiliate network, according to a statement from LockBit. “We sincerely apologize for the attack on sikkids.ca and give back the decryptor for free,” the statement read the complete article Ransomware group LockBit apologizes for attack on the pediatric medical center.

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