Record-Breaking Year for DDoS Attacks Targeting Russia

According to the largest internet service provider in the nation, web and DDoS attacks were relentless against Russian enterprises last year in an effort to interfere with operations, sabotage websites, and “sow panic” (ISP).

In a recent study, Rostelecom claimed to have observed “a record-breaking DDoS attack in terms of power and duration” in 2022. It stated that the strongest attack was 760Gb/s, roughly twice as powerful as the strongest attack in 2021.

The research stated that the longest DDoS lasted 2000 hours or around three months. The ISP claimed to have examined data on around 600 businesses in a range of sectors read the complete article Record Breaking Year for DDoS Attacks Targeting Russia. can help you learn about the most recent security services and products to secure your company and yourself.

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