Snowflake Breach Exposes 165 Customers’ Data in Ongoing Extortion Campaign

According to reports, up to 165 Snowflake clients may have had their information exposed as part of a continuous campaign to aid in data theft and extortion. This suggests the operation may have wider ramifications than first believed.

The as-yet-unclassified activity cluster is being tracked by Google-owned Mandiant, which is supporting the cloud data warehousing platform in its incident response activities. It is identified as a financially driven threat actor and goes by the name UNC5537.

According to the threat intelligence organization, UNC5537 is utilizing stolen customer credentials to methodically compromise Snowflake client instances, post victim data for sale on cybercrime sites, and attempt to extort many of the victims.

UNC5537 often extorts people for financial benefit, having targeted hundreds of organizations globally read more Snowflake Breach Exposes 165 Customers’ Data in Ongoing Extortion Campaign.

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