State hackers turn to massive ORB proxy networks to evade detection

Security researchers are alerting the public to the fact that state-sponsored hackers with ties to China are increasingly depending on a massive network of proxy servers made from hacked online devices and virtual private servers for cyberespionage purposes.

These proxy meshes, which are managed by independent cybercriminals and grant access to numerous state-sponsored actors (APTs), are known as operational relay box (ORBs) networks.

Though they resemble botnets, out-of-service routers and other Internet of Things items could be a combination of compromised devices and commercially rented VPS services to create ORBs.

The increasing use of ORBs by adversaries poses difficulties in terms of detection and attribution, since the threat actor can no longer control the attack infrastructure read more State hackers turn to massive ORB proxy networks to evade detection.

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