Supermicro’s BMC Firmware Found Vulnerable to Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) firmware for Supermicro baseboard management controllers (BMCs) has been found to include a number of security flaws that could lead to privilege escalation and the execution of malicious code on impacted systems.

According to Binarly, the seven vulnerabilities, numbered CVE-2023-40284 through CVE-2023-40290, range in severity from High to Critical, giving unauthenticated actors root access to the BMC system. To fix the problems, Supermicro has delivered an update to the BMC firmware.

Administrators can monitor hardware indicators like temperature, control fan speed, and update the UEFI system firmware thanks to BMCs, special processors found on server motherboards read more Supermicro’s BMC Firmware Found Vulnerable to Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities.

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