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Optimizing ZAP Scan

Overview Is your ZAP scan taking hours to complete? Maybe even a day to two? Not everyone has the luxury to wait for a 24hr ZAP scan to complete. This is the problem many people face and is what we will be tackling. In this article, we will discuss the variables that affect the duration of the scan and optimise zap scans. Optimise Zap Scans - What Affects a ZAP Scan? Server Hardware and network are one factor that affects the speed of a ZAP scan. So you could get better equipment, but the target equipment is also another factor that we can't control. Thus, let's focus on the configuration of the ZAP application itself. When running an automated scan, there are 2 things that occur, the spidering (which is also part of the passive scan) and the active scan. Each of these co...