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Sublist3r – Subdomain Finder for Penetration Testing

Overview One aspect of the information-gathering stage of penetration testing is to expand the attack surface of the target. Thus, we use Sublist3r, a subdomain finder. It is a simple and easy-to-use python programme that can be used to find subdomains of a target. How to use Sublist3r The example shown is executed on a Kali Linux machine. You can install it by following the documentation on their GitHub page. After installing sublit3r, make sure to navigate to the location of the sublilt3r python file. To run sublist3r, use the command format: python3 sublit3r.py -d <domain> Here you can see Sublit3r using multiple search engines like Baidu, Yahoo and Google to search for the target's subdomains. At the bottom, we can see that 3 subdomains were found on tasty...