The Relationship Between Reputation and Brand

Reputation Management

The quote is from one of the most famous advertisements in which McGraw-Hill brings forward the thought that a company’s reputation is a requirement for the successful selling of a product or service. Sales must start before the salesperson calls on the would-be customer. That is possible only when the brand has an admirable and first-rate reputation in the market. A brand having a good reputation contributes to the enhancement of its products and services’ value. Likewise, a bad reputation devalues products and services and brings in further decline. Furthermore, if a brand is consistently projecting a lucid image of itself, it is more likely to build a more substantial reputation and be remembered in the future.

Brand reputation is the determining factor that decides whether consumers will pay and recruits will apply. A poor and weak reputation will negatively affect a company, while on the other hand, a good reputation will help a company both operationally and financially. In contrast to corporate image, brand reputation is owned by the public. Read more:

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