The Secret to Zero Trust You Need to Know

If every application, device, and bot needs access and authentication at some point, the need for managing and controlling the confidential data that allows those functions gets staggeringly large.

In today’s digital businesses, we rely on commercially procured or internally developed applications.

Because of the need for more speed and more routes to market a variety of things, we have an increasingly automated IT infrastructure that is fundamentally built upon a potentially weak security posture.

While application needs and capabilities and IT environments vary significantly among organizations, one thing remains true everywhere: Every application, script, automation tool, and other non-human entity relies on some form of a “secret” — or privileged credential — to access other tools, applications, and data.

Those secrets and access are quite literally rocketing around our infrastructures and networks at the speed of light and are also a single point of failure.

Before we get too far down this rabbit hole, let’s be clear about what a secret is. A secret is a non-human, privileged credential and refers to a private piece of information that is a key, whose sole purpose is to unlock a protected resource or sensitive information in a tool, application, container, or cloud-native environment. Read more:

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