Trio of Vendors Offer Free Services to Organizations at Risk of Russian Cyberattacks

CrowdStrike, Cloudflare, and Ping Identity have teamed up with tools and services for the healthcare, power, and water industries as a way to quickly bolster their security on several fronts.

A trio of vendors have teamed up to offer a range of free cybersecurity services to organizations in three US critical infrastructure sectors to help prepare them for potential cyberattacks from Russia.

The Critical Infrastructure Project is a collaborative effort between CrowdStrike, Cloudflare, and Ping Identity. As part of the initiative, the three vendors are providing step-by-step guidance to organizations in the water, power utilities, and healthcare sectors on how to quickly implement a multi-layered zero-trust defense for protecting against phishing, malware, and destructive cyberattacks.

The vendors are offering a broad range of their products for free for at least the next four months. This includes technologies like Cloudflare’s cloud gateway, DNS filtering, and web application firewall technology; CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint protection and Falcon X threat monitoring; and Ping Identity’s PingOne for detecting suspicious sign-on attempts and its DaVinci identity orchestration service.

“This program is designed to help US critical infrastructure that has been identified as particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks,” a CrowdStrike spokeswoman says. “This includes energy and water utilities of all sizes, from towns and municipalities to regional or national providers. Likewise, all public and private hospitals and hospital systems of all sizes will be eligible.” There is no seat limit or size cutoff in terms of organization size. Read more:

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