What Is Security?

Understanding the true meaning of security and its impact beyond the cybersecurity industry.

The work you do in cybersecurity is critically important to the future of humanity, but nobody ever tells you that. It’s true, and you need to know why.

One of the great ironies of security is how misunderstood the concept and implications are. I have worked in cybersecurity since I was 16 and never thought to take a step back and understand what security really means.

This article is an attempt to do so for myself, and hopefully for you as well. Admittedly, it’s a step outside of my intellectual comfort zone. I’m doing my best to relate several broad and emotionally heavy concepts back to the world of cybersecurity. I’m bound to get some things wrong, but the topic is important enough to try.

Safety and security are basic human needs, yet most people are only aware of this subconsciously. We take security for granted when we have it and react aggressively and impulsively when we don’t.

The forces and dynamics that ultimately make us secure seem mystical and abstract. Security is a complex subject, but a we can gain clarity by making a few important dynamics about human nature explicit. We need to take a step back if we want to find the true meaning and purpose of our work in cybersecurity.

The real epiphany lies in exploring the meaning of security far below the surface-level definitions we’re used to inside the modern industry. Understanding the timeless human needs and motivations behind security helps inform our strategy Read more:https://bit.ly/3LzglI1

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